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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Return from Tool

Alright to answer your first question, yes, the concert was fucking amazing! If God, Jesus, Moses and the Pope formed a band they couldn't even match Tool's greatness. I will let the Pilon Brothers to fill you in on the rest, I don't want you to hear the same story three times, four if you read Rob's blog. After arriving in Regina at 8:30 this morning, I drove to my brothers' apartment where I will be waiting for Jared to get off of work at 4:30. We left Calgary at around 11:30PM on Thursday, the trip there and back was pretty uneventful besides the many gay jokes, your mom jokes and sibling.. love? it was just a normal car ride.

The first night we drove about 7 hours then stopped in Brooks to set up camp. The next day we completed the trip to Calgary and went to the Calgary Zoo, like most trips to the zoo the animals usually don't do to much seeing as most lay around during the day. Zoo life might have made them lazier then being out in the wild, but for some animals there it is to perserve their dying species. I find I am in a hate and love relationship with zoos, they mean well by giving endangered animals a place to mate without the fear of having the species die out completely, not that they are the only places that do that. But the animals get to be gawked at by every hillbilly and slack jodd yokely in town and they slowly lose their sense of survival of the fittest mode of living. Yes, I know I was one of them, and yes some of my pictures were pretty good, but they shouldn't be on show like they were slaves for our enjoyment. Alright, maybe I am giving zoos too little credit, they do help animals, they do give them clear natural environments to live in, pretty much anything a wild animal could need plus more and all these things need to be paid for, why not help them care/ show off slave animals for your entertainment. Like I said, I don't know where I stand on the issue.

Oh ya, I guess we almost ran out of gas around Moose Jaw and the trunk stopped closing but both were avoided by Rob's preperations (he's like Batman that way) and Pilot's mad driving skills.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I just finished checking my car out for the road trip to Regina, I'll tell ya she ain't much to look at but she can still get me from point A to point B. If there was a time for me to go to point C, I would be royally screwed though. The reason for this trip to Regina , as some of you have guessed from the title, is to catch a ride from Rob Hillstead to go see TOOL! I would like to take this time to thank Rob for letting Andrew and I catch a ride up to Calgary, without him... I am not too sure what we would be doing to get to Tool.

On Monday I went down to the Gas Bar to grab some change for one of my co-workers. Kevin, my current boss, shows up on his motorcycle ans asks if I could get him some coffee from Tim Hortins seeing as he couldn't get it while he was on his motorcycle. So I bought the coffee with his money and brought it back to him. When I got back to the G bar some other guy was there, he looks at me and tells me to go into his truck and get his coffee so Kevin and him can drink together. I thought to myself, who the hell is this guy to tell me what to do? I leave and come back for my shift at 6 (it was 1:30 the first time I was there), turns out the guy who wanted his coffee was "my new boss". I have it in quotes because he doesn't take control till I quit, which will be on Sunday.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Break out your helmets, because Tony Jaa is coming to Theaters!

Tony Jaa (Panom Yeerum) has been making a name for himself as the ultimate action hero. As a child he would watch Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li movies and mimic their style of fighting. When washing his family elephant he would try doing back flips off the elephant into the water. His movies don't include any wire work or computer graphics (besides to make dramatic explosions). So when you see someone getting kneed off a motorcycle and having the helmet break, that was Tony Jaa being freaking amazing. So really the helmet I told you to break out wouldn't help anyways. To the point, on August 25th 2006 the Galaxy theater will be showing Tony Jaa's latest and greatest movie, The Protector(US)/Warrior King(UK)/Tom Yung Goong(thailand)/...Honour of the Dragon?(EU). I recommend that you pick up his first film Ong-Bak before you see this movie because the first one was tame compared to his second film.

Tony Jaa score 299 of out of 300 which is the number of henchmen that Tony Jaa crippled during this movie.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fine! I Guess I'll keep my blood!

I guess I should update, it's been like a month since I did so. Anyways I am pretty much the assistant manager at the Gas Bar, not that I do too much more then before. I do get a raise and more hours so all is good, but I still have to teach the newer co-workers how to do everything correctly seeing as the last manager didn't teach everything to everyone. After we all get on the same page I hope it will run a bit smoother.

Yesterday, being the 19th of June, was donate blood day in Weyburn. So, like a caring person who doesn't have a tattoo I went to give blood. I pass the iron test, which went pretty slow because they only had one nurse doing it. I filled out the paper and sat down to see the temp./ pulse checking nurse. I could tell the nurse I got didn't give a rat's ass if I gave blood or not. The result was that my pulse was too high and my temperature was .2 over the limit. So, let me see this is the 4th time that this has happened? I believe the blood God obviously doesn't want my blood. Not that my blood is the most rare blood out there, being AB positive the universal accepter. Well, on the plus side I did uh... vote...


Monday, April 24, 2006

Work..WoRk...wOrK... update

So if you already read Andrew's blog, you already know that we went up to Regina. Blah blah spent too much money blah blah and watched a movie, you know the usual. After spending so much money, I went out to buy a SD card reader which I have been putting off for months. So I have been shipping crap from my parent's computer to my new good computer. I had to get this reader because it turns out upgrading my computer was the worst way to go, seeing that my burner and sound cards aren't supported by XP. Oh well, it was cheap and I didn't need much more then the space on my camera's SD card anyways. I am also planning on reducing what I spend by half, I know I say that almost every update but this time I want to get back to where I was before the Regina trip. It's not like anyone REALLY needs the stuff we buy anyways.

A few days ago, I was getting smokes for the Gasbar like I always do. Going into the back of the Wholesale to get my stuff ready, when Lawrence asks me if I was full time at the Gas Bar. After saying no, he offers me a job shipping and receiving. I was a bit taken back by him asking me, so I didn't really ask for the details all I know was that it was at 3 in the morning. If they job is anything like the Wal-mart job I assume it would be from 3 - 11. I am barely able to get up for the Gasbar at 6, I don't think I would be able to get up 3 hours earlier. Oh well, now I have 3 jobs that could jump to... I'll leave you in the dark about the other 2 for now.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Blood Bath

YES! I finally gave blood! The first 2 times my temperature was like .1 or so over the limit, but it was perfect today. Maybe it's because of the cold weather we have been having. Either way, my tempertature was good, but I had to wait a bit while my pulse slowed down. All in all it was a good day to give blood, if you haven't already they are having a clinic tonight at Assiniboia school. Drop by for a blood sucking, I mean a voluntary blood donation. The next clinic in Weyburn will be the 19th of June, make your appointment today!.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Check it out NOW!

I throw some of my khorne picture up onto Chaotix Within, I think I am getting the hang of photographing minitures now. I also made My Game Journal Blog, for the days I have nothing better to do but play the games I forget about. That is all.